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General Dentistry

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We provide state-of-the-art comprehensive dental care, including preventive treatments, diagnostics, restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

We accept all PPO insurance networks, All Kids (Public Aid) and other dental plans. As a courtesy to all our patients, we submit all dental claims, check eligibility and follow up on claim payments on your behalf.

Affordable dental care for the non-insured.

At Beyer Dental, we want to make dental care fully accessible and affordable to all patients. This is why we offer great promotions for new patients and significant savings on many procedures. Payment options are available through CareCredit.

Contact us today to ask about our current promotions and to schedule an appointment.


1. Preventive dentistry
Preventive dentistry is a very important aspect of all dental offices. It includes routine check ups including X-rays to detect early and non visual dental decay, prophylactic cleanings, oral hygiene education and awareness, and protective sealants on molars and pre molars. We also promote and provide oral education through instructional videos conveniently projected on our tv screens at each operatory. Knowledge is Power.
2. Restorative dentistry
Restorative dentistry includes temporary and permanent fillings and core build ups. Our experienced dentists perform state of the art restorations and will restore your teeth and smile as close to natural as possible. We use only tooth color filling material, and replace those 'undesired and unappealing' silver fillings in a safe and responsible manner.
3. Prosthodontic
Prosthodontics is divided into fixed (crowns, bridges, inlays a of nd onlays) and removable (partial and full dentures). The quality and longevity of prosthodontic work involves meticulous preparation by the dentist as well as communication and planning with the dental laboratory. We utilize upscale and reputable dental labs that will ensure the highest quality of work.
4. Cosmetic dentistry
We can help you achieve better dental aesthetics by straightening and whitening your teeth, and by performing cosmetic restorations (fillings). We offer home whitening kits and soon to come, Invisalign treatment for teeth straightenining and obnormal bite relation (malocclusion). Ask us for more information.

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Preventive and Restorative